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Singapore Travel Guide : Part 1

Singapore is said to be a foodie haven, a modern metropolis, and has one of the highest number of malls per kilometer in the world. The city-state is frequently used as a jumping off point for many Southeast Asian destinations, and our weekend trip was basically an extended layover on our way to Thailand. Once you recover from the 17-hour flight (SFO to Singapore), you'll quickly realize a couple of things:

Travel Essentials : Long Flights

I'm heading off to Singapore and Thailand in just a few short weeks, and I've been researching the internet to death about what to pack for the 17+ hour flight. We're flying straight from SFO to Singapore, which is both great and not so great.

Wanderlust : 5 Steps To Planning The Best Trip Ever

Wanderlust is hitting me hard right now. I'm in the process of planning a big international trip that's less than two months away, and pre-planning another for this winter. I love researching new places and falling into Pinterest holes. I love finding new places to see, and I really like showing up prepared. Whether you're getting away for the weekend, or heading somewhere exotic for a few weeks, I don't think you can ever do too much research. 

Wanderlust : Wine Country Getaway

The past couple of weeks have finally brought spring to the Bay Area. I spent last weekend in Sonoma to celebrate a friend's birthday, and loved exploring Guerneville. We stayed at an Airbnb with vineyard views and a hot tub. It's walking distance to downtown Gureneville, Johnson's Beach, a bunch of tasting rooms and restaurants, and some cute tiny stores.

Maui : Travel Guide

Aloha! After spending four days on Oahu, we took a super nice iter-island flight over to Maui. We stayed with family in Wailuku, which is located geographically in the center of the island. It's an old plantation town that used to be full of pawn shops, but new business, coffee shops and stores are breathing life back into it. The brightly colored homes were all built between 1910 and 1940. Wild chickens wander around, and it seems like everything is in bloom or fruiting.

Oahu : Travel Guide + Photo Diary

Oahu was fun and totally different from the other Hawaiian islands. It gives you the city experience with a tropical vibe. Artisan coffee, designer bikinis, acai bowls and smoothies are everywhere. There's plenty of beaches to check out, and nature to explore. The food is amazing. I loved exploring Downtown and Chinatown. The weather was perfect when we were there, and there was always plenty to do.

Road Trip Essentials

I love going on long drives, just as long as it doesn't mean long stretches of sitting in traffic. I'm heading to sunny San Diego for Thanksgiving, and I'm driving! Fingers crossed traffic won't be bad and everything with the rental car works out. I've been making this long, sometimes arduous drive since I moved here almost 10 years ago, and it really never goes fast. It does help to have a couple of essential on hand.