All in San Francisco Exploration

Spark Social SF

Have you been to Mission Bay recently? Not just to go to a Giants game or the doctor or on your way to The Mission, but actually been there? Last weekend I stumbled upon something awesome. The sun was shining, it was almost 80 degrees, and we were headed back towards Downtown from The Dogpatch, when a simple turn to avoid Giants traffic led us to Spark Social SF. 

Pink Houses Lately

With spring in the air, it can seem like the whole city is rosy and bright. I've been steadily adding to my collection of pink house photos, and wanted to share the latest with you! I'm on a not so secret mission to photograph as many of these pretty buildings as possible.

A Perfect San Francisco Afternoon at Stable Cafe

Everyone seems to be craving sunshine and spring lately. This year, SF has had more than its fair share of dreary, wet, cold days. It seems like everyone has been feeling a little blue, and we're sick and tired of winter. The perfect antidote is of course sitting in the sunshine. There are a ton of choices when it comes to finding your perfect patio in The City. If you've been searching for a beautiful urban garden with yummy food you'll love my current fave cafe. 

Leftovers From the Weekend

This week is packed full with work deadlines, and I'm getting ready to drive down to San Diego for Thanksgiving next week. This past weekend was simple and perfect all at once. I went to two classes at Pop Physique (which I'm addicted to BTW.), had coffee at my favorite place in The Mission, checked out West Coast Craft (cute but very crowded), had some beer on Third Street, experienced KitTea for the first time, and ran some errands.