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Lately : Tastes of Spring, Patience, and Plans

San Francisco hasn't been able to make up its mind. It's been rainy and cold, warm and rainy, cool and sunny, and breezy. Sometimes all in one day. The days are finally beginning to be noticeably longer, and we've gotten our first tiny taste of spring. There's something in the air, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's spring!

How To Host a Dinner Party : Sans Dining Room (or table!)

One of the few things I constantly want to change about our SF flat is the lack of a dining room, or space to put a traditional table. We're lucky enough to have a great outdoor patio space, large kitchen with island, in-unit laundry and a great living room--but no table. No place to sit in a regular chair and host a dinner party. Or wine party. Or whatever. This year, I wanted to embrace our lack of a table and host a friendsgiving without one. 

10 Best Rosés Under $30

Summer is here! And, nothing goes better with a leisurly afternoon in the sun than some al fresco rosé. The roof, the park, the beach--pretty much anywhere you can grab some sunshine and fresh air is perfect. I'm not sure what it is, but rosé has been huge this year!