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Designing an Adult Bedroom : Part 1

I'm in the process of helping my friend, and new roommate, update her bedroom. She moved in about a month ago, and asked for my help designing an adult, refined bedroom that would serve a number of purposes. The room needed to act as a personal sanctuary, and a quiet place she could come relax after a long day. The main challenge for her is storage. She's super athletic and has a bunch of equipment: two bikes, lots of water bottles, yoga mat, training gear--a little of everything. 

How To Host a Dinner Party : Sans Dining Room (or table!)

One of the few things I constantly want to change about our SF flat is the lack of a dining room, or space to put a traditional table. We're lucky enough to have a great outdoor patio space, large kitchen with island, in-unit laundry and a great living room--but no table. No place to sit in a regular chair and host a dinner party. Or wine party. Or whatever. This year, I wanted to embrace our lack of a table and host a friendsgiving without one. 

Fall Living Room Update : 90% Complete

I've been working little by little to update our living room for fall, but it's probably 90% complete! Finally! Our tv (which is actually a projector!) fits comfortably into its new home, we've updated a couple of pieces (one more furniture change is in the works but hasn't been ordered yet!), and I've added some textural pieces for fall and winter coziness. I'm a firm believer that since you, as a person, are constantly growing and changing then your surroundings can never be 100% done. There's always something to tweak, or change or a replacement for something you're just not that into anymore. But for now, I'm really loving our living room again.

How to Spice Up Your Patio

Living in a city means that space is at a premium. If you're lucky enough to have access to outdoor space, whether it's on a roof, fire escape, deck or patio, you should take some time and figure out how to make the space work for you. Not everyone gets to have a tiny, urban oasis at their disposal, and the potential is limitless. Patios are precious. 

Zara Home : USA

Whoa! Did you guys know that Zara Home is avaliable state-side now? There are so many great pieces at unbelievable prices, that I couldn't help rounding up some of my faves! I'm a big fan of H&M Home because of their quality pieces at a reasonable price, and you seriously can't go wrong with the Target and Ikea selections. I'm all for shopping local and supporting small businesses, but sometimes you need a new pillow cover and don't want to spend $$$.