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Limitless Goes to San Diego

I grew up in San Diego's North County, and never get tired of visiting. Even though SF and San Diego aren't that far apart, I don't get to go home as much as I'd like. Work and life seem to get in the way. While San Diego is a well known vacation destination, and is always topping 'perfect weather' lists, there's more to this huge county than just the zoo, Legoland and sunshine. There are tons of locals only spots that are amazing and worth exploring for!  

Los Angeles Bucket List

I'm heading to LA for a couple days before Thanksgiving! I've been to LA a bunch of times for weddings, family gatherings, and even school trips, but I've never really just gotten to hang out and explore. I've been researching places to go for about a month, and rounded up a bunch of my top picks. There's no way we'll get to do everything on my list, but I love making bucket lists!

I'm super excited to explore DTLA and Silver Lake. Maybe it's the San Franciscan in me, but I love finding little neighborhoods packed full of walk-able activities. Whenever I'm on vacation, I search out small, locally owned stores, restaurants and cafes. I love finding amazing coffee and cute home stores. I know LA is a driving city, but any chance to walk around and experience the city and neighborhoods up close is welcome.

Alameda Flea Market Tips + Basics

One of my favorite places in The Bay is the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. The first Sunday of the month, at the crack of dawn, this former U.S. Navy runway transforms into one of the best, and biggest, flea markets in the country. With over 800 booths and 10,000 visitors, Alameda can be intimidating. There is literally something for everyone, and every budget! I've rounded up 10 basic tips and do's and don'ts to keep in mind.