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2019 Update : Maui Travel Guide

2019 has been full of ups and downs. I’ve spent almost a month on-island this year, and even though it wasn’t all vacation, Maui is still just as beautiful a place as ever. I thought I’d update my 2017 post and include some more places to go, things to eat and dos and don’ts. I love giving recommendations, so let me know if you have any questions or are planning a trip! Mahalo!

Film Photography + The Joy of Surprises

Thirteen was a big year for me: I was an awkward seventh grader with braces, a crew of annoyingly peppy best friends, and just enough newly found freedom to start dramatic fights with my mom at every opportunity. I’d had my first kiss, gone to my first real concert, and was regularly getting dropped off at the movies or the mall sans grown-up. It was also the first year I got an adult birthday present.

Weekend Escape : Seattle

To combat SF's freezing, foggy summer, we escaped up to sunny Seattle for a weekend. We spent the long summer days wandering the city and catching up with old friends. Great food, sunshine and tasty drinks filled our days. It was so nice to get out of the fog and be reminded that real, actual summer exists. Just not in San Francisco.

A Day at the Pool : Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Escaping San Francisco's foggy, breezy, changeable weather is usually high on every city-dweller's wish list this time of year. While the rest of the country is welcoming summer with long, sunny days, we're often battling strong winds and cloudy skies. One of Sonoma's best kept secrets lies tucked away into some of the most picturesque vineyards in the region.

Wanderlusting 2018

If 2017 was the year of the tropical vacation, what does that mean for 2018? I'm wanderlusting hard right now, probably because it's seems like winter in The City won't end. But, I'm indecisive and need some help. 

Fall Weekend in Portland

The leaves are colorful and crisp, the coffee is strong and the food is excellent. Portland, Oregon is the perfect weekend escape from SF. A short (usually very affordable) flight, and you're there. The food is cheap, there's no sales tax, and if it's possible the food options are even better than in SF. Food trucks, cool bars and tree-lined streets dominate the city. 

Koh Samui Travel Guide

It takes nearly 24 hours of travel to get from San Francisco to Koh Samui, but every hour is worth it. Think white sand, palm trees and amazing food. The island is perfectly sized for exploring via motorbike, but it's still big enough to get lost. It's the definition of tropical paradise. Hot sunny days with a light breeze, occasional downpours that offer up a perfect excuse for an afternoon nap, and super friendly people. Getting here takes effort, but the payoff was almost immediate. When we pulled up our villa and were greeted with cool wash clothes and iced tea, I felt welcome and immediately relaxed.