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Exploring Chinatown Like a Local

Chinatown is a confluence of old San Francisco and new. While the neighborhood is one of the most well-known in San Francisco, it's not necessarily the easiest to write about. I live on the edge between Chinatown and Nob Hill and walk through Chinatown on my way to and from work every single day, and I still have trouble with how to tell its story. 

Colorful Doorways

I'm always looking for the inspiration that exists in the world around me. Normally I'm pretty good about noticing and enjoying it, but something about the grey, cold days in January make it really difficult for me. Lately, I've been drawn to doors and doorways. 

The Salzburg

There's a new Alps-inspired wine bar and eatery in North Beach, and it's awesome. There's a fire pit, a beautiful interior, and some really good wine. From the team behind Little Vine and Union Larder, The Salzburg offers up Austrian food and inspired wines in probably the coziest space in San Francisco.

Best Ice Cream in San Francisco

Ice cream is a staple in my diet. Whether it's sunny and hot, windy and cold, or constantly changing, I'm down for some ice cream. SF is blessed with some of the best ice cream spots in the country, and there's literally something for everyone. From classics (think coffee, chocolate or vanilla) to the exotic (hello avocado!) you're sure to find it here.