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How To Clean Out Your Grandma's House

I'm sorry I've been MIA. This is the longest I've gone without posting, and it feels like forever. I have a good reason--promise. I've been busy and stressed and feeling less than inspired. I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled San Francisco programming shortly, but first a little update on me.

Patio Goals + Sneak Peak

One of my favorite things about our flat is that we're blessed to have ample outdoor space. There's a little deck off the kitchen, a little communal patio/bbq area downstairs and if you're not afraid of ladders there's the roof. 

Living Room Update : Summer

It's been eight months since I last shared an update on our ever-evolving living room. It took a while to find the perfect side table (with storage), and then life happened. But, I'm very excited to share another update! I've finally checked all the big projects off my list, and I'm super happy with the end result. It's been nearly four years in the making, but I finally feel like our living room is a strong representation of my style.