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What I Learned in College : Musings Part 2

There's something about being young that seems to compress life's major ups and downs into impossibly short bursts of time and emotion. You wake up feeling like life is full of love and potential only to be crushed by the heaviness of it all by lunch. By dinner you're bursting with energy and craving adventure.

What to Do When SF is Grey?

It's January. Winter, even if it is California winter, is here, and SF is cold, grey and foggy. While I'd much rather have some sunshine and a comfy place outside to bask, these grey dreary days present their own bit of wonder. The mood is calm, the streets are more empty than usual, and Netflix and chill is completely appropriate.

Dreamy Weekend at Home

OMG the weather. I know, I know. So cliche to be totally stoked on the absolutely gorgeous summer sunshine SF has been having, but I can't help it. I recently bought a new camera, a Sony a6000, and I dragged this ultra-portable powerful little guy everywhere this weekend.

Weekend Wanderings

We spent the weekend wandering around the neighborhood, running errands, hitting the farmer's market, and watching the Warrior's game. Sunday felt super luxe. I started the day with a barre class at Pop Physique, and then had a decadent brunch at home. Later my friend and I walked down to Union Square for free facials and hand massages at Nordstrom!

San Francisco Sunshine

Sunshine in San Francisco means one thing : it's time to ditch all your responsibilities and head out to bask in the warmth. We've spent all winter inside, cuddled up, or slogging through record-setting rain. We deserve some rosé on the roof. We earned it!