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Weekend Escape : Seattle

To combat SF's freezing, foggy summer, we escaped up to sunny Seattle for a weekend. We spent the long summer days wandering the city and catching up with old friends. Great food, sunshine and tasty drinks filled our days. It was so nice to get out of the fog and be reminded that real, actual summer exists. Just not in San Francisco.

Fall Weekend in Portland

The leaves are colorful and crisp, the coffee is strong and the food is excellent. Portland, Oregon is the perfect weekend escape from SF. A short (usually very affordable) flight, and you're there. The food is cheap, there's no sales tax, and if it's possible the food options are even better than in SF. Food trucks, cool bars and tree-lined streets dominate the city. 

Highway 1 Day Tripping

With everything that's been going on in the world, I've been severely lacking inspiration. I feel like I'm juggling more than usual, and that my thoughts are fighting with each other for space and attention. I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed by The City, and looking for a mini escape.

Summer Packing List

Weekend trips are my faves. You get the adventure of a vacation without having to fork over big money, take time off work, or have to get on a long flight. San Francisco is perfectly situated for countless weekend adventures, and some of my favorite destinations are only a few hours drive away. Lake Tahoe, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Napa, Sonoma, the Russian River and Lake Berryessa are just a few. San Francisco's dreary, cold, foggy summers make escaping for a few days and finding some sunshine that much more important.