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A Perfect San Francisco Afternoon at Stable Cafe

Everyone seems to be craving sunshine and spring lately. This year, SF has had more than its fair share of dreary, wet, cold days. It seems like everyone has been feeling a little blue, and we're sick and tired of winter. The perfect antidote is of course sitting in the sunshine. There are a ton of choices when it comes to finding your perfect patio in The City. If you've been searching for a beautiful urban garden with yummy food you'll love my current fave cafe. 

Pastel Houses

I'm constantly inspired by the colorful, unique houses in San Francisco. The City is known for its colorful Victorians, and The Mission is one of the best neighborhoods for house-spotting. Many of the homes are survivors of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, and date to the late-1800s. Since all the records were lost in the fire, the true age of many of these beauties remains unknown. What's obvious is they're special. Each has its own theme, color story, carvings and tiny details. No two are alike--like snowflakes but way, way better.

San Francisco Street Art

San Francisco is full of great places to find inspiration and challenge yourself. Whether there's a little store in your neighborhood that you keep coming back to, or a coffee shop with the perfect latte, or even a little hidden park with some grass and cute dogs, inspiration is everywhere.