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Exploring Chinatown Like a Local

Chinatown is a confluence of old San Francisco and new. While the neighborhood is one of the most well-known in San Francisco, it's not necessarily the easiest to write about. I live on the edge between Chinatown and Nob Hill and walk through Chinatown on my way to and from work every single day, and I still have trouble with how to tell its story. 

Pastel Houses

I'm constantly inspired by the colorful, unique houses in San Francisco. The City is known for its colorful Victorians, and The Mission is one of the best neighborhoods for house-spotting. Many of the homes are survivors of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, and date to the late-1800s. Since all the records were lost in the fire, the true age of many of these beauties remains unknown. What's obvious is they're special. Each has its own theme, color story, carvings and tiny details. No two are alike--like snowflakes but way, way better.

San Francisco Street Art

San Francisco is full of great places to find inspiration and challenge yourself. Whether there's a little store in your neighborhood that you keep coming back to, or a coffee shop with the perfect latte, or even a little hidden park with some grass and cute dogs, inspiration is everywhere. 

Exploring Polk Street

San Francisco is the kind of place where there are always new things to see, places to go, and yummy things to eat. While I love exploring neighborhoods that are new, or further out, sometimes exploring close to home is just as rewarding. Just a few blocks up the hill from my flat is the bustling, and ever-evolving, Polk Street. 

Inspiration + Color

I don't know what it is lately, maybe it's just all the nice weather we've been having, but I feel an extra dose of inspiration just walking around! Everything is blooming, the houses seem extra colorful, and the sunshine is providing me with plenty of feel good endorphins. I'm all about vibrant, happy, bright hues lately, and San Francisco seems to be on the same page!