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A Day at the Pool : Francis Ford Coppola Winery

Escaping San Francisco's foggy, breezy, changeable weather is usually high on every city-dweller's wish list this time of year. While the rest of the country is welcoming summer with long, sunny days, we're often battling strong winds and cloudy skies. One of Sonoma's best kept secrets lies tucked away into some of the most picturesque vineyards in the region.

Living Room Update : Summer

It's been eight months since I last shared an update on our ever-evolving living room. It took a while to find the perfect side table (with storage), and then life happened. But, I'm very excited to share another update! I've finally checked all the big projects off my list, and I'm super happy with the end result. It's been nearly four years in the making, but I finally feel like our living room is a strong representation of my style. 

Current Mood : Pink + Blush

Blush has been slowly gaining popularity for a while now. Millennium Pink (Glossier's signature color) is popping up everywhere. For ages, I wasn't a pink-wearing kind of girl, but lately I've been drawn to it. Since most of my wardrobe is super neutral with a healthy dose of denim, the pops of pink really seem to work.

Best Ice Cream in San Francisco

Ice cream is a staple in my diet. Whether it's sunny and hot, windy and cold, or constantly changing, I'm down for some ice cream. SF is blessed with some of the best ice cream spots in the country, and there's literally something for everyone. From classics (think coffee, chocolate or vanilla) to the exotic (hello avocado!) you're sure to find it here.

Spark Social SF

Have you been to Mission Bay recently? Not just to go to a Giants game or the doctor or on your way to The Mission, but actually been there? Last weekend I stumbled upon something awesome. The sun was shining, it was almost 80 degrees, and we were headed back towards Downtown from The Dogpatch, when a simple turn to avoid Giants traffic led us to Spark Social SF.