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Outfit Crisis : Tips for Surviving Summer in SF

Summer here is very different from the classic California Summer of Hollywood and dreaming tourists. Here, summer can mean stiflingly hot one day and freezing, windy and grey the next. I regularly get a good laugh watching tourists in flip flops, tanks and shorts clinging to a cable car and shivering as the fog rolls in. Here it can be summer at lunch and winter by evening. 

Adulting : Focus, Challenges and The Real World

Lately I feel like I don't stop moving. I can't believe it's June already. I can't believe that on of my best friend's weddings has totally snuck up on me. I'm confused and bewildered by how fast time is starting to move. Where did spring go? Wasn't it just Christmas? June felt so far off--but now it's here!

Top 10 San Francisco Books--of All Time

I love exploring San Francisco through other people's worlds and experiences. From coming of age tales and classic SF adventures to thrillers, mysteries and short stories--they all offer up views of The City that take you out of your element. I've rounded up my 10 favorite SF books, and some mini-summaries to go with them.