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Things I'm Thankful For

I’m Thankful for so many things and people and places, but mostly I keep that list wrapped up close to my heart. While practicing gratitude is trendy, I’m inspired by the old school elementary activities. The ones squeezed in at the end of November to fill time before the Thanksgiving holiday. The kind of school day full of art projects and sweets. Bonus points for anything involving glue, glitter and feathers. In that spirit, I want to share what I’m thankful for, and I want to cover it in glitter and hang it on the fridge. Instead, this will have to do.

Weekend Wanderings

We spent the weekend wandering around the neighborhood, running errands, hitting the farmer's market, and watching the Warrior's game. Sunday felt super luxe. I started the day with a barre class at Pop Physique, and then had a decadent brunch at home. Later my friend and I walked down to Union Square for free facials and hand massages at Nordstrom!

Lately : Tastes of Spring, Patience, and Plans

San Francisco hasn't been able to make up its mind. It's been rainy and cold, warm and rainy, cool and sunny, and breezy. Sometimes all in one day. The days are finally beginning to be noticeably longer, and we've gotten our first tiny taste of spring. There's something in the air, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's spring!

5 Reasons to Live With Roommates

In San Francisco, rent prices are insane. They've been insane for a while now, and show no sign of restraining themselves anytime soon. Since this is a city-wide problem, most people I know here live with roommates. My boyfriend and I have three roommates--all boys--in a four bedroom flat. While we'd love to have our own place, we don't want to fork over $3,000-$4,000 per month for a one bedroom. 

First Day of Spring : 2016

Happy Spring everyone! In the Bay Area we had tons of much-needed rain this winter, but it made for what seemed like an extra long and extra dreary season. Maybe I'm just spoiled after four years of bright, warm, sunny drought, but it seriously felt like it wouldn't end. Hopefully, the state and the West got most of the rain we needed, and the snow doesn't melt too fast. From all my warm weather-themed Outfit Crisis posts I'm sure it's obvious, but I've been craving some sunshine, and I'm happy to finally welcome a new season. But, before sunshine, bright blooms, shorts and tasty drinks totally take over my life I wanted to recap winter and share some highlights!

First 6 Months of Blogging : Recap

Limitless : San Francisco has now been live for six whole months! It's hard to believe that something that was cooking so long in the back of my mind has been out in the world for half a year. I've learned and grown a lot over the past six months, and I want to share the good, the bad, what I've learned, and what my goals are for the next six months. I periodically want to write blog-centric pieces because as a new blogger these are sometimes the most educational and insightful pieces I come across. Know that other people are in the same boat as you, and that everyone started from square one is IMPORTANT!