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Current Mood : Pink + Blush

Blush has been slowly gaining popularity for a while now. Millennium Pink (Glossier's signature color) is popping up everywhere. For ages, I wasn't a pink-wearing kind of girl, but lately I've been drawn to it. Since most of my wardrobe is super neutral with a healthy dose of denim, the pops of pink really seem to work.

Spring Craving : Straw Totes

I really, really want a straw tote. Really. Lately it seems like they've been popping up everywhere, and offer the perfect mix between vacation whimsy and everyday functionality. Perfect for the beach, a trip to the farmer's market, or to add some vacay vibes to a Monday, straw totes are the it bag for Spring 2017.

Outfit Crisis : Metallic Midi Skirt

It seems like the whole month of December is a whirlwind of parties, drinks, friends and sparkles. Every year, the firm I work at treats us to an amazing, wine-filled lunch at Original Joe's, and every year I struggle with what to wear. I want to dress up (everyone gets pretty festive) but not too dressed up since it's lunch. I want to be festive, but not freeze to death walking up to North Beach. I want to be work appropriate and fun. Every year I struggle to find the perfect outfit, but this year I think I've nailed it.

Outfit Crisis : Fall Cravings

Here in The City, our Indian Summer was cut super short by actual chilly fall weather. As sad as I am that the sunshine and warm temps aren't sticking around, I'm always really excited to pick up a few new fall pieces and get cozy. Since SF spends most of the year somewhere between fall and spring, it's always a good idea to pick up a few new sweaters, some comfy boots and even a long sleeve tee or two.