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Outfit Crisis : Craving Spring + Transitional Pieces

Every year at about this time I start to crave sunny weather, but usually San Francisco isn't in the mood to cooperate. I think it's much easier to be excited about winter when Christmas is still in the air, all your sweaters are new, and boots still seem novel. Once we're into February, I can't wait for spring, even though there's still plenty of winter left.

Hawaii Packing List

Aloha! I'm headed to Oahu and Maui for two weeks, and can't wait for the beaches and sunshine. I try to keep it simple and streamlined when I travel, and I try to pack multi-functional pieces that coordinate. For this trip, my bag is full of swim suits, comfy tees, a few layering pieces so I don't get too much sun, and a couple of dresses.

Outfit Crisis : Metallic Midi Skirt

It seems like the whole month of December is a whirlwind of parties, drinks, friends and sparkles. Every year, the firm I work at treats us to an amazing, wine-filled lunch at Original Joe's, and every year I struggle with what to wear. I want to dress up (everyone gets pretty festive) but not too dressed up since it's lunch. I want to be festive, but not freeze to death walking up to North Beach. I want to be work appropriate and fun. Every year I struggle to find the perfect outfit, but this year I think I've nailed it.

Glossier The Supers Review

From the sleek, minimalist, millennial pink packaging to the simple list of ingredients and dedication to "skin first", Glossier struck a chord with me from the beginning. I knew they had a huge cult following, and that some of their wait list items had lists longer than 10,000. I knew Glossier was founded by beauty editors looking for perfect solutions. What I didn't know was how much Glossier's new Supers would affect my skin and simplify my daily routine.