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Exploring Polk Street

San Francisco is the kind of place where there are always new things to see, places to go, and yummy things to eat. While I love exploring neighborhoods that are new, or further out, sometimes exploring close to home is just as rewarding. Just a few blocks up the hill from my flat is the bustling, and ever-evolving, Polk Street. 

Birth of the Blog : Full of Love for San Francisco

I can't believe it's already October! September was the first month this blog was live, and while it was challenging, it was also super exciting. I was looking for a new creative outlet, and realized that I really missed writing. I went to journalism school, but wound up working in marketing at an SF architecture firm. My job offers creativity in lots of ways, but the writing aspect was missing. That's when the blog was born!

Indian Summer

The City is quiet. Well, more quiet than usual for a sunny, stifling, summer Saturday. The crowds of tourists and hipsters have thinned, and in their wake, left room for the true characters of the neighborhood to emerge.