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Colorful Doorways

I'm always looking for the inspiration that exists in the world around me. Normally I'm pretty good about noticing and enjoying it, but something about the grey, cold days in January make it really difficult for me. Lately, I've been drawn to doors and doorways. 

San Francisco Street Art

San Francisco is full of great places to find inspiration and challenge yourself. Whether there's a little store in your neighborhood that you keep coming back to, or a coffee shop with the perfect latte, or even a little hidden park with some grass and cute dogs, inspiration is everywhere. 

Inspiration + Color

I don't know what it is lately, maybe it's just all the nice weather we've been having, but I feel an extra dose of inspiration just walking around! Everything is blooming, the houses seem extra colorful, and the sunshine is providing me with plenty of feel good endorphins. I'm all about vibrant, happy, bright hues lately, and San Francisco seems to be on the same page! 

City Bedroom REFRESH : Fresh, Neutral + fit for two

Lately I've been seriously craving a bedroom refresh. My boyfriend has lived in our flat for more than five years, but we've only been in our room about two. We have a mix of pieces--everything from street finds and Ikea to a DWR Sapien bookshelf I just had to buy a couple years ago. A few months ago I took the time to re-style our Ikea Expedit shelf, and it cured my need to start fresh for a while, but lately I can't take it anymore!