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Designing an Adult Bedroom : Part 1

I'm in the process of helping my friend, and new roommate, update her bedroom. She moved in about a month ago, and asked for my help designing an adult, refined bedroom that would serve a number of purposes. The room needed to act as a personal sanctuary, and a quiet place she could come relax after a long day. The main challenge for her is storage. She's super athletic and has a bunch of equipment: two bikes, lots of water bottles, yoga mat, training gear--a little of everything. 

How to Style an IKEA Expedit Shelf

Living in SF means living with less space, and less storage space, than you'd find other places. To combat this, creative storage solutions are a must. If Carrie Bradshaw can store shoes in her oven, you can pretty much do as you darn well please. Ikea's Expedit and Kallax are excellent storage solutions.