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Colorful Doorways

I'm always looking for the inspiration that exists in the world around me. Normally I'm pretty good about noticing and enjoying it, but something about the grey, cold days in January make it really difficult for me. Lately, I've been drawn to doors and doorways. 

Pastel Houses

I'm constantly inspired by the colorful, unique houses in San Francisco. The City is known for its colorful Victorians, and The Mission is one of the best neighborhoods for house-spotting. Many of the homes are survivors of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, and date to the late-1800s. Since all the records were lost in the fire, the true age of many of these beauties remains unknown. What's obvious is they're special. Each has its own theme, color story, carvings and tiny details. No two are alike--like snowflakes but way, way better.