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What I Learned in College : Musings Part 2

There's something about being young that seems to compress life's major ups and downs into impossibly short bursts of time and emotion. You wake up feeling like life is full of love and potential only to be crushed by the heaviness of it all by lunch. By dinner you're bursting with energy and craving adventure.

How To Clean Out Your Grandma's House

I'm sorry I've been MIA. This is the longest I've gone without posting, and it feels like forever. I have a good reason--promise. I've been busy and stressed and feeling less than inspired. I promise we'll be back to our regularly scheduled San Francisco programming shortly, but first a little update on me.

Adulting : Turning 27 + Self Reflection + 2016

I'm a Sagittarius, and this year my astrological New Year also fell on my birthday--December 11. I'm not someone who takes astrology very seriously, but according to the stars, this makes the 11th special. It's supposed to be a powerful day to manifest ideas and intentions for the year to come, and a great day to start something new. I turned 27 on December 11th, and automatically started something new.