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Skincare Faves + Daily Ritual

I've always struggled with my skin. It was never actually severe, I was just really self conscious and paranoid about it. Even if I was going to the beach, I was sure to have some concealer and bronzer in my bag. In high school, I regularly went to the dermatologist and by freshman year of college I was breaking out regularly due to stress. A mixture of prescribed antibiotics and topical treatments and a happier environment helped get my skin back under control, but I was never really happy with it. Recently though, I've gotten way more comfortable in my own skin after completely gutting and then rebuilding my skincare regimen. 

Glossier The Supers Review

From the sleek, minimalist, millennial pink packaging to the simple list of ingredients and dedication to "skin first", Glossier struck a chord with me from the beginning. I knew they had a huge cult following, and that some of their wait list items had lists longer than 10,000. I knew Glossier was founded by beauty editors looking for perfect solutions. What I didn't know was how much Glossier's new Supers would affect my skin and simplify my daily routine.