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Den + Guest Room Make Over

Den + Guest Room Make Over

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We nearly doubled our square footage. No, we didn’t move. Instead, in an only-in-San-Francisco situation, we took over an additional bedroom after one of our roommates moved out. I’ve dubbed it the den, but it will need to act as an on-demand guest room as well.

The first thing I did was paint. We’re technically not allowed to paint the apartment, but the walls needed major touch-up work and hadn’t been touched in more than 15 years. The room is on the street-side of the flat and gets really good natural light. I was lucky enough to find a large stash of the original paint (most of which was totally fine) and tackled the painting in just a few hours. I got wrapped up and wound up doing the hallway, entry stairway and the wall our project faces. I can’t believe how much of a positive change a little paint made, especially with so few hours of work.

With the wall refreshed, I ordered this sofa from West Elm. One of our living room couches is from West Elm, and is still in perfect condition after seven years. This new sofa is so comfortable and is the perfect size. It’s only 70”, which fits the room perfect.

I spent months researching rugs, put my boyfriend through many discussions, and narrowed my options down to a few from Lulu & Georgia. I loved one, and then it sold out. Desperate, I started scouring the internet for something similar, but instead hit a gold mine. All Modern carries many of the rugs I love at deep discounts. The exact rugs. I saved $300 purchasing from All Modern vs Lulu & Georgia. And got free shipping.

But, that’s not the craziest part. Not only is there a plethora of Lulu & Georgia rugs on sale and fully stocked, but there are rugs from West Elm, Urban Outfitters and countless other stores. They’re not dupes, they’re the exact same rugs. Mark-up is insane. I rounded up my favorite options below, with links to both the higher end and cheaper option.

Also on my list is this wood coffee table from CB2, some luxurious upholstered velvet dining chairs, and a round marble table that’s not too big, not too small and probably vintage. I love making mood boards and I can’t wait to see it all come together—especially because I can use the money I saved on the rug on another piece.

lulu and georgia rug sale

Lulu & Georgia Anjali Rug

Lulu & Georgia Tijera Rug Sale Modern Home Decor

Lulu & Georgia Tijera Rug


All Modern: $40-$680 (additional size options)

Lulu & Georgia Naimee Rug Shag Moroccan Rug Sale

Lulu & Georgia Naimee Rug

Urban Outfitters Rug Sale Modern Shag Boho Rug Sale

Urban Outfitters Rachel Tufted Rug

lulu and georgia rug sale Jette Rug boho home decor

Lulu & Georgia Jette Rug

Lulu & Georgia Alameda Rug Sale Pink Rug Sale

Lulu & Georgia Alameda Rug


All Modern: $35-$480 (additional colors and sizes)

Lulu and Georgia Erin Gates River Beacon Rug Sale

Lulu & Georgia Erin Gates River Beacon Rug

Urban Outfitters boho rug sale

Urban Outfitters Shayla Rug


All Modern: $95-$1130 (additional sizes and colors)

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