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The Hoxton Portland : Interior Inspiration

The Hoxton Portland : Interior Inspiration

The Hoxton Portland design

The Hoxton, Portland’s newest hotel, is everything you’d want in a high-end boutique hotel experience. The design aesthetic is perfectly balanced between modern and vintage, with enough bespoke and eclectic touches thrown in that you forget you’re in a hotel.

Each piece of furniture and art was specifically selected. Little touches like the in-room guide and complimentary breakfast bag feel natural. Friendly staff and a rip-off-free mini fridge make the hotel feel like home.

On an end-of-year trip to the PNW, I was looking for a mini getaway that felt like a real vacation, and The Hoxton delivered. The hotel opened in November at the edge of Portland’s historic Chinatown neighborhood. It’s the latest North American outpost of the trendy European brand (a current collection of six hotels, with three more coming soon), and is fully designed by an in-house interior design and graphics firm. Each of the properties looks a little different and is designed to reflect the individual hotel’s location and local flair, but they all share well-designed common spaces, small but efficient rooms, and drool-worthy interiors.

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The Portland hotel features three bars and a restaurant. On the ground floor, Mexican-inspired restaurant on the ground floor, La Neta, which was trendy and tasty if more expensive than your average Portland spot. The underground Chinatown-inspired bar, too discrete for a name, offers late-night food and okay cocktails, but looks super cool. The rooftop bar opened right after we left, but would be perfect for drinks in the summer.

We stayed in a Roomy room with a view, and I’m obsessed. I’m so obsessed I even contacted the British parent company looking for sources for the beautiful brass floor lamp. It’s bespoke, if you’re wondering. The color pallet, the pillows and the lighting were perfect. I’m planning on re-doing our bedroom this year and so far The Hoxton is my biggest source of inspiration. Our room was perfectly cozy and warm, with plenty of space for the two of us. We’re planning on adding a mini sitting area to our bedroom—that’s how much we liked this one.

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A few things to note: The Hoxton is centrally located and easy walking distance to tons of things. You could could also take a Lyft/Uber to outer neighborhoods or one of the many MAX lines, but the hotel does not provide on-site parking. And, while we’re talking about walking, the hotel is located downtown in a city. Yes, there were some homeless people. No, it didn’t phase me and wasn’t anywhere near as bad as SF, but we heard plenty of people complaining. Finally, when we went the hotel had barely been open for a month and you could tell they were still trying to figure some things out, but all of the staff was friendly, helpful and humble.

Hoxton, if you read this, please install some hooks for long, drippy raincoats by the room door. :)

For more info, beautiful photos of the common spaces or to book your stay visit The Hoxton online. This brand will for sure be a new go-to for me. They’re at the top of my list for hotels in Paris and Amsterdam.

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