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Cocktails at The Fort : The Interval at The Long Now

Cocktails at The Fort : The Interval at The Long Now

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Fort Mason, an actual former military base located on San Francisco's north side near The Marina, is home to an ever changing array of events, pop-ups and local favorites. While I've spent many sunny afternoons on the greens day drinking with friends and I love the farmer's market, I'd never actually gone into the library/laboratory bar at the end of Building B. 

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The Interval looks like a steampunk laboratory crossed with a modern, minimalist library. Shelves of books line the room, a spiral staircase snakes up to hidden private offices and a collection of round-bottom flasks hang from the ceiling over the bar. The flasks are full of amber and clear liquid and can be purchased for a $1500 donation to The Long Now Foundation. For the non-drinkers, metal casks of tea go for an even steeper price.

The Long Now is a future-focused organization that aims to "creatively foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years." The foundation is spearheading several ambitious projects that attempt to catalog various aspects of the current human experience and preserve them for the long-term future. They're working on a fully mechanical 10,000-year clock, a library of every human language called the Rosetta Project and regularly host lectures and events designed to expand your thinking. 

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Several prototypes for the 10,000-year clock are displayed in the space, and they claim the library houses everything you'd need if you had to re-start civilization. The elaborate cocktail menu spans decades and explains the background and history behind drink classics like the margarita (one of many types of drinks classified as The Daisies). Snacks are well priced and include beef jerky and locally-made cheese spreads. 

If you don't drink, or if it's just a little too early in the day for an adult beverage (but I mean, is that real?) The Interval does have coffee and tea on offer. While very close to the water and the always spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, the bar only has on bay-side window and no outdoor seating, but it is ideally located as a stop on a bayfront walk (Golden Gate Bridge to Fort Mason is a great one, or from Russian Hill down to the Marina) or bike ride. I can't believe it took me so long to come here, but I can't wait to come back!

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