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Tacos + Color Inspiration on Balmy Alley

balmy alley san francisco murals

Balmy Alley is one of my all time favorite sources of inspiration. Right off busy 24th Street, the alley boasts some of the best murals and street art in SF. Murals dedicated to social justice, current issues, the neighborhood and loved ones make up the majority of this tucked away place, but mixed in are art pieces that are purely for art's sake. They are colorful and lively and always changing. 

I love wandering around and taking it all in. Last year I wrote about how street art is a huge source of inspiration and how 24th Street is one of the best places to find it. This is one of my favorite places to wander around on a Saturday or Sunday, but this past Sunday was magic. The streets were nearly deserted, there were a couple of fresh murals, and we discovered some of the best tacos in SF. Seriously--Taqueria Vallarta is amazing!

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