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Best Ice Cream in San Francisco

Best Ice Cream in San Francisco

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Ice cream is a staple in my diet. Whether it's sunny and hot, windy and cold, or constantly changing, I'm down for some ice cream. SF is blessed with some of the best ice cream spots in the country, and there's literally something for everyone. From classics (think coffee, chocolate or vanilla) to the exotic (hello avocado!) you're sure to find it here.

I've come up with five can't miss spots, in no particular order. 

1. Bi-Rite Ice Cream

The first location by Dolores Park is classic, but the line can get out of control. For the same awesome flavors and creamy texture sans line head to the Divisadero location. The seasonal fruit ice creams are THE BEST. Tangerine? Strawberry? Blueberry? All available for only a short amount of time while the fruit is at peak sweetness. I also had the most amazing rose ice cream here. 

2. Humphry Slocombe

Blue Bottle Vietnamese Coffee, Secret Breakfast, Harvey Milk and Honey--there are so many good choices here. Their Ferry Building location is super convenient, but I love grabbing a cone and wandering down 24th Street in the Mission. I love trying the exotic flavors here, but the Harvey Milk is my go to. 

3. Swensen's

The first Swensen's opened on the corner of Hyde and Union in 1948, and it's still there! It's my favorite neighborhood ice cream spot, and I always feel like I earned it after walking up all those hills! Swensen's has a classic, old school ice cream shop vibe, and the flavors are mostly creative classics. 

Be prepared : they're cash only

birite ice cream san francisco
san francisco ice cream
best ice cream in san francisco

4. Polly Ann Ice Cream

This Outer Sunset staple has been around for ages. I remember coming here as a kid and staring wide eyed at all the flavors. There's close to 50 to choose from, and they run the gambit. Star Wars? Avocado? Taro? Honey Dew? If you're feeling indecisive, spin The Wheel of Faith and try something new. 

5. Three Twins

When I lived in the Lower Haight, stopping into Three Twins to taste flavors and then grabbing a pint to take home was a very frequent occurrence. Three Twins has since expanded, and you can find their pints across The City at liquor stores and grocery stores alike. The location on Fillmore is great to grabbing a cone, and then wander down Waller to see some of the neighborhood's prettiest Victorians. All their ingredients are organic and the dairy is locally sourced. 


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