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Daily Inspiration : Online + IRL

Daily Inspiration : Online + IRL

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I'm constantly on the hunt for inspiration, and I love sharing what inspires me here! My daily walks through The City are a great resource for color pairings, opening my mind, and helping me practice looking for the unexpected. I've shared my love for general wanderings here many times, but sometimes even I have trouble feeling that spark, so I thought I'd share some of my other sources for inspiration and positive vibes.


This is probably my current favorite source of random inspiration and good feelings. I love following people and brands that are sharing beautiful imagery with a good message. I love using the save feature to collect images that speak to me. They regularly act as a jumping-off point for blog post ideas, photos, outfits or places to go. 


I think this is a given. There's seriously something for everyone, and I find it super relaxing to just pin away! I'm constantly pinning #ootds, tropical vibes, and design ideas. 


Online and IRL media is usually a great inspo-starting point for me. I love The New York Times (especially the style section), a blog called Radical Homemaker (written by a super inspiring woman about her life farming, homeschooling her kids, and generally living life), Yes! Magazine for uplifting news, Broadly for Vice with a female twist, Apartment Therapy for design inspiration, The Cut for juicy stories, Medium for something longer, Into The Gloss and Soko Glam for everything beauty, and blogs like DesignLoveFest and SFGirlByBay for color stories and photography inspiration. 

I also love discovering other SF-based bloggers, and experiencing my city through their eyes. Some of my SF faves are: California Weekend Magazine, The Violet Fog, Brunch on Chestnut, Advice from a Twenty Something, Oh Happy Day, and Apartment 34


This last one can be dangerous, but I love wandering around beautifully styled stores. Jackson Square, North Beach, Union Square and The Ferry Building are all within walking distance of my office, so a lunch break can serve as a much-needed mental break. Sometimes to be safe I leave my wallet in the office, so I won't be tempted! I love a good window display, and find neat stacks of perfectly folded shirts relaxing.

Urban Exploration

My last little tip for finding inspiration is my usual, go-to, trust worthy, never-hardly-fail routine of taking a walk. Go somewhere new, go somewhere familiar, put on some good music, and LOOK AROUND! There's so much all around that we're too busy/too rushed/too self-centered to notice on a daily basis. Challenge yourself by trying to spot five things you've never noticed before, or find a quiet place to sit for a few minutes. Observe the world around you. I guarantee you'll be happily surprised by what you find.

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