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San Francisco Sunshine

San Francisco Sunshine

rooftop rose picnic

Sunshine in San Francisco means one thing : it's time to ditch all your responsibilities and head out to bask in the warmth. We've spent all winter inside, cuddled up, or slogging through record-setting rain. We deserve some rosé on the roof. We earned it!

Picnics are a San Francisco staple. The City is full of gorgeous parks and waterfront spots, but a simple rooftop is my favorite place to spend a sunny afternoon. Each roof gives you a slightly different perspective on The City, and there's nothing like a good skyline view to go with your rosé. I love seeing SF from a new vantage point. High rise, low rise, on a hill, out in the avenues, it's the same place, but can be completely transformed. 

Grab a cute, comfy blanket, your favorite chilled beverage and some friends! Cheers!

las bayadas mexican blanket picnic

I've rounded up a few of my rooftop must-haves below. Some quick tips if you're new to the major art of rooftop chillin':

  • If you're climbing a ladder, make sure it's steady, and always keep three points of contact. 
  • Obviously don't climb with slippery shoes, or if your hands are full. 
  • If you're not allowed on the roof, don't leave any evidence behind. 
  • Stay on your roof. Your neighbors might not care if you're blasting music on your side, but keep off their roof.
  • A cooler bag is your BFF. No one likes warm wine or beer. Plus you can use it to carry everything up at once.
  • It might not feel overly hot once you're up there, but I've gotten sunburnt more than I'd like to admit just sitting on the roof. A hat and some sunscreen are key.
  • Don't forget a bottle opener!
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