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Skincare Faves + Daily Ritual

Skincare Faves + Daily Ritual

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I've always struggled with my skin. It was never actually severe, I was just really self conscious and paranoid about it. Even if I was going to the beach, I was sure to have some concealer and bronzer in my bag. In high school, I regularly went to the dermatologist, and by freshman year of college I was breaking out regularly due to stress. A mixture of prescribed antibiotics, topical treatments and a happier environment helped get my skin back under control, but I was never really happy with it. Recently though, I've gotten way more comfortable in my own skin after completely gutting and then rebuilding my skincare regimen. 

I've fallen into a Korea beauty hole, and it's made a huge difference in the texture, health, and glow of my skin, and has really helped control breakouts. I'm like listening to YouTube while I'm working, and I've learned a ton from Gothamista. I love using sheet masks, and I like that there's such a huge range of choices, materials and prices. I'm still learning, and the science behind which ingredients to seek out and how to pair them together is fascinating. I love using inexpensive masks frequently (like 3 times a week!) and saving the more pricey ones for once a week or if I feel like my skin needs a little extra love.

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skincare review glossier and the ordinary

I've blogged before about my love for Glossier's skincare, but I recently started using the Stretch Concealer, and it's been a game changer. A little bit, and I'm suddenly put together, dark circles covered, and ready to go! There's shea butter in it, which could be troublesome for people who are sensitive, but I haven't had any issues. I've been experimenting with the Perfecting Skin Tint, but it's not really a go-to product for me yet. Cloud Paint, on the other hand, is a game changer! It's so easy to use, and immediately gives me a healthy, put together look. Love it.

I've also gotten into serums, and I'm currently trying out a few products from The Ordinary. They're a no frills skincare company, part of The Abnormal Beauty Company. All of their serums are super affordable and full of great ingredients. I love Buffet, and I've been using it morning and night. It makes my skin feel happy and renewed. Glossier's The Supers were my first intro to serums, and they're still in regular rotation.

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Finally, the biggest change to my routine has been with cleansing. I used to trust my shower and a strong face wash to not only take my makeup off, but clean my skin. Then, as an experiment, I used a face wipe after showering. I was completely grossed out by how dirty my face still was.

After a bunch of trial and error, I've settled on a traditional Korean double cleansing method. Sometimes if I have a lot of makeup on, I'll use a wipe, but normally I just go in with my Heimish All Clean Balm. It's an oil cleanser and starts off solid. You apply a dab to dry skin and begin to massage. Like magic, it turns oily and melts. It feels amazing! Then, add a little water and watch it begin for foam slightly. Continue massaging until the oil has turned more soapy, and then simply rinse off. It feels so good! I follow with Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser. It's water based, so cleans everything that the oil cleanser might have missed. Both are super gentle and non-drying. I feel clean, but not like my skin was stripped. 

There's a ton of info on products to look for, ingredients, why some brands charge a ton more for their products, and what to use together. I'm still perfecting my routine, but I'm so happy with the changes I've made.

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