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Five of the Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco

Five of the Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco

best san francisco coffee shops

There's nothing better than a perfectly made latte. Well, there's wine, and yummy food, and sleeping in, and baby animals..but you get the idea. I'm pretty good at restraining my #treatyoself tendencies during the week, but on the weekends I love enjoying a latte in a pretty place. SF is full of great coffee, and plenty of new, trendy spots pop up each month. I've been a Blue Bottle drinker for years now, but as much as I love drinking their coffee I actually hate hanging out there. I love grabbing a drink at one of the Mission's many hipster-centric coffee shops, but can easily switch between several. Like anything else though, everyone has their favorites. 

1. Saint Frank Coffee

Saint Frank is my go-to neighborhood spot. It's a little far from my house, but its central location on Polk Street makes the walk up the hill totally worth it. On the weekends I'll stop by after a morning barre class for coffee or just to buy beans. I love meeting my boyfriend here to hang out for a while, and I'm always trying to snag one of the tables outside in the sun. They have really good baked treats, and always have pretty blooms to admire. The coffee is fair-trade and organic certified, and the beans come in a resealable bag. 

2. Four Barrel on Valencia

This is such a cliche, classic choice, but I don't care. The decor, the location, the coffee, the ridiculous $4 lighters, the tiny train in the bar, and the eccentric coffee obsessed employees all make Four Barrel one of the best well known coffee shops in SF. The coffee is really good. The light fixtures are cool. There are hipsters everywhere, and sometimes there's nowhere to sit, but they know their shit. 

3. Haus Coffee or Dynamo Donut

The coffee at Haus and Dynamo is delicious, but the real reason I couldn't pick a favorite is because both have awesome, comfy, sunny patios out back. They're only a couple of blocks apart on 24th Street, so there's plenty of sunshine. 

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4. Sightglass Coffee on 20th

The neighborhood surrounding Sightglass on 20th is one of my favorites to wander around. There are a ton of new things opening, but the houses here are some of my favorites. They're older than most of the old SF houses, and many survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, so they're from the 1800s. Funny little note--all city records were destroyed in the fire, so houses that were left standing automatically were given a construction date of 1900 even though many are older.

But, Sightglass is pretty on it's own. There's amazing natural light that filters in through the high windows, there's a long bench outside, and it's adjacent to Trick Dog and The Salumeria. The coffee is really, really good and I'd highly recommend trying their house iced coffee. Their latte is of course a solid choice too.

5. The Mill

The perfect pit stop before a shopping trip to the Divisadero Farmer's Market (Sundays on Grove at Divis until 2 p.m.), or a nice place to catch up with a friend, The Mill serves Four Barrel Coffee and is the kitchen/baking headquarters for Josie Bread. Order a fancy toast, get your drink for here, and admire all the pretty kitchen accessories for sale. The loaves are a better deal than the toast, unless your starving. Be prepared to wait in line, but don't be deterred--it goes really fast. 

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