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Outfit Crisis : What to Pack for San Diego

Outfit Crisis : What to Pack for San Diego

what to pack for san diego beach

I'm so excited for the weekend! I know it's only Monday, but I'm taking a short week (and an extra long holiday weekend) to fly down to San Diego and hang out with my family and get some sun. Fogust has been a killer this year, and I can't wait to sit in the sunshine and swim. 

Whenever I go home, I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen with my mom, and this trip we're planning to host a gigantic cookout for friends, neighbors and family. My boyfriend is an amazing cook, and he's planning a sour dough bread lesson. The grill will be going every night, the sun will be shining, and I'm seriously looking forward to some r&r. 

When I head down south, I try to keep my wardrobe minimal. I try my hardest to only bring items I'm sure I'll wear, and I try to shove everything into the smallest bag possible. Sometimes I can fit everything into my go-to Madewell Transport Tote. Carry on here I come!

If you're headed to the beach this holiday weekend, keep these tips in mind for easy packing and sun-soaked days:

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1. Write down a list of activities you know you'll be doing. Fancy dinner for a birthday? Morning hike? Beach? Think about what you'll wear for each, and write down the first clothing item that comes to mind. Making a list keeps you accountable, on task, and will help make sure you don't forget something important!

2. Always bring an extra swim suit. There's nothing worse than having to put on a still damp suit, so bring an extra. They take up almost no space, and you'll thank yourself later. Bring pieces that easily mix and match. A true SoCal girl avoids looking too matchy.

3. Do you really need multiples? How many plain t-shirts is that in your stack? You brought how many pairs of shoes? Do you really need all those bras? Make a maybe pile, and toss duplicate items here. At the end, re-evaluate all your selections one last time. If you really, really need more of something then add it back.

4. If you're constantly wearing something on repeat, embrace it! Those sandals you can't get enough of? Check! Why bother wasting space on something you won't wear? 

5. When you think you're finished, take one last look and take something out. I tend to over do the casual tops, and I can easily get by with a few less than I originally thought. I'm not sure why, but t-shirt and tanks just seem to jump into my suitcase once I start packing!

Happy Birthday Limitless!

Happy Birthday Limitless!

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