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Summer to Fall Transitional Pieces

Summer to Fall Transitional Pieces

ASOS striped swing dress

San Francisco is well known for it's micro climates, chilly afternoons and evening fog. Walking is a way of life. The City seems to constantly hover just below 70, and constantly feels like either fall or spring. This is the land of layers, puffy coats and always bringing a pair of sunglasses with you (just in case!).

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I regularly write about what I call an Outfit Crisis. Basically, an outfit crisis is when not only does it feel like you have nothing to wear, but maybe you don't even know where to start. I know that everyone goes through this at some point, but San Francisco's unique climate offers more than your average number of challenges. Here, sitting in the sun versus the shade can mean the difference between stripping a few layers off and piling a few on. Wind chill is a real thing here. #TheStruggleIsReal

I've lived in SF for nine years. I've lived in The Sunset, Upper and Lower Haight, North Beach and Nob Hill/Chinatown. I've worked in Potrero Hill, Union Square and the Financial District. I've taken more than my fair share of public transit, and walking is my #1 way of getting around. I've also spent a ton of mornings struggling to get ready. 

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Living in an apartment with limited storage means I was an early adopter of a capsule-esque wardrobe. There simply isn't room to keep pieces that don't get much wear, don't fit correctly or fall into the category of I'm just not that into you anymore. I've found that having fewer, better things in similar color families, makes getting ready much easier.

I have a soft spot for quality denim and super comfy sweaters. Layering constantly gives me an excuse to hoard soft, oversized sweaters. I'm obsessed with grey sweaters and other light neutrals. I love distressed denim and am constantly annoyed that I can't wear my favorite pairs to the office. If they aren't distressed, dark skinny jeans are a classic choice. I've recently jumped on the high-waist denim trend and love it. I have a pair of black AG Farrahs that are in constant rotation, and a pair of distressed light wash jeans from ASOS that I'm constantly wearing.

Shoes-wise though, comfort is definitely a priority. I have a few pairs of booties, some go-to flats, a pair of Frye boots, and two pairs of heels. I've gotten really good at only buying shoes when I need them, which has helped my wallet and my closet. I love wearing sandals in the summer, even if it's not really that warm out. I just pile up the layers on top and cross my fingers my toes don't freeze. 

While the rest of the country will soon be packing away their summer dresses and shorts, San Francisco will soon be breaking theirs out. Indian Summer is the best time of year in SF. Days are warm and sunny, nights the nights are mild. People ditch work in favor of hitting the beach, and it's safe to leave the house without an extra layer or two. Many of my normal, go-to pieces easily transform for our short-lived Indian Summer. Neutrals always pair well together, and it's easy for me to mix in some classic tanks and comfy denim shorts. I can't wait for Indian Summer! 

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