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Pre-Fall Living Room Update

Pre-Fall Living Room Update

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There's no such thing as a finished room. Good design is always in motion, and always evolving. It should change periodically based on your needs, likes and how you use the space. 

I moved into my boyfriend's flat nearly three years ago, and our living room (which we share with three other roommates) has changed a lot in that time. I'm constantly reevaluating the space and thinking about what I would do to improve it. I love it, but there are also a few areas I'd love to change. In preparation of the San Francisco's Indian Summer (which calls for an extreme amount of sun worshiping, day drinking, BBQing and lounging) and the chilly weather to follow, I've started to gather my ideas together and prioritize projects. Some will wait for next year, some I'll do while watching trashy tv on a Tuesday night and some are as simple as making a decision and then clicking purchase.

I think my main project will be organizing all of our media and our projector, cable box and speakers. Right now they live on a too-tall table shoved in the corner. It's easily my least favorite corner, and I can't wait to get started! I'm thinking simple, modern, sleek, classic and white. Nothing girly or heavy. Just simple and white. Also--I'd love to stick our projector on top so it's both out of the way and better positioned.

I'm definitely still feeling the colors, textures and overall vibes in this room, but want to switch up the coffee table books, candles and storage options. Our pallet of grey, white, black and blue still feels fresh. When it's cold I love cuddling up with the candles lit, lantern full of twinkle lights on, and a cozy blanket. If you love tv or movies I highly suggest investing in a projector. It's seriously amazing.

Keep a look out for a "current situation" post, and some of my strategies for styling a room. For now, check out my running To Do list and shop what I'm craving below!

To Do:

  • Evaluate the contents of the small chest of drawers and downsize/re-organize
  • Choose a shelf to hold all of our media (projector included!) and buy it!
  • Visit the Alameda Flea Market and search for a new side table to replace the chest of drawers. 
  • Remove DVD rack and patch holes
  • Clean under sofas (check cushions for change and treat yo' self to a coconut water!)
  • Dust all books--donate any unwanted material
  • Refresh decor
Wine + Cured Meat + Excellent Food : Union Larder

Wine + Cured Meat + Excellent Food : Union Larder

Summer to Fall Transitional Pieces

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