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June Gloom

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While the rest of the country frolics in the early summer sunshine, San Francisco is windy, cool and grey. In places, the wind is constant. It howls. It's cold. It will ruin your hair. Clouds and fog show up daily. Some days feel like late fall. It's gloomy and cold. It's summer in San Francisco.

Needless to say, SoCal native that I am, I hate June. I think it's the worst month in The City. I hate the weather. (Have I mentioned it's been freezing!?) I hate the horrible and severe influx of tourists who seem to have forgotten how to act. I hate that social media is flooded with people at the beach, at the lake, in shorts, with tans and drinking delicious icy beverages. I'm jealous of people who get actual summer. I know that San Francisco is blessed with mild, sometimes sunny winters, warm sunny hot falls, and a sparkling springs--but, June really gets to me. 

I want to wear shorts every day and sit in the sunshine. I want to be able to pack away my heavy winter coat and chunky sweaters. I want to resist the urge to wear black when I'm feeling gloomy. I want do all the sunshine things that everyone else is doing, but I know I have to wait just a little bit longer. 

Luckily, San Francisco summer tends to start up in August and last until right before Halloween. Thankfully it will soon be too hot to sleep, and I'll crave fall. Soon I'll be able to leave the house with only a light sweater. But for now, leaving the house without a jacket is suicide. The wind will get you. Karl the Fog will roll in thick and heavy and wet and you'll freeze. The only remedy is a good, packable, down jacket and several reliable layers. 

I love pairing sandals with a wool coat or puffy vest. I like wearing fun, summery t-shirts under my sweaters (even if the sweater will stay on all day). I try to buy plenty of fresh fruit and veggies at the farmer's market, and always try to keep fresh blooms in the house. I'm seriously trying to get all the summer feels. 

When all else fails, you can always chase some sunshine. Heading east will generally do it, but south or north can work to. Sometimes, as soon as you leave The City you'll find sunshine and heat. Sometimes it's as close to Berkeley or Oakland. It's always hot in the summer in Napa or up at Lake Berryessa. Sacramento and Fresno have good food, swimming pools and 100+ degree days, but you usually don't have to go that far. Get adventurous. Go for a drive. Explore. Take a friend, bring your lover or go it alone. The sunshine is there--you just have to find it.

Summer Packing List

Summer Packing List

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Adulting : Focus, Challenges and The Real World