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10 Best Rosés Under $30

10 Best Rosés Under $30

Rose for days!

Summer is here! And, nothing goes better with a leisurly afternoon in the sun than some al fresco rosé. The roof, the park, the beach--pretty much anywhere you can grab some sunshine and fresh air is perfect. I'm not sure what it is, but rosé has been huge this year! YES WAY ROSE is constantly filling my Instagram feed with dreamy images of liquid summer. Rosé seems to always be in the best bottles and the best shades. From deep fuscia to light blush, rosé comes in shades as diverse as people's flavor pallets. 

I'm blessed to live in a city that's an hour away from some of the best wine growing regions in the New World, and lucky to live in an epicurean paradise full of wine shops, artisanal cheeses and amazing views. There's a magical little wine shop/wine bar on Polk Street called William Cross Wine Merchants where you can have a flight, grab a glass or share a bottle with friends. Their selection is amazing, and the staff are highly knowledgeable and passionate. I love finding new places to hang out, and this spot is currently one of my faves!

If you're in The Mission or on Divis, BiRite has an awesome selection of rosé, and they even have magnum sized bottles! Basically the perfect addition to any party! The Jug Shop (also on Polk but slightly more convenient for me than William Cross) has a great selection plus tons of great beer, hard liquor, and sales! In the Marina, Plumpjack is my go-to. If you're in North Beach be sure to stop by Little Vine on Grant Ave. They also have a big selection of rosé, but are known for their tasty artisan condiments, daily sandwiches and yummy charcuterie. 

Needless to say, I've been drinking a lot of rosé lately. When I pick a bottle, there are a couple things I look for. The first is color. I'm a warm blush kind of rosé girl. Not too sweet, not too dry, but definitely cold and crisp. I gravitate towards wines that are light in color and remind me of bottled sunshine. This amazingly approachable article from The Coveteur is super helpful if you're new to rosé or looking to learn the basics.

Basically, the longer the skins hang out in the wine the deeper the color. Sweeter wines also tend to be more pink and less orange. I'm no expert, but I've rounded up 10 of my favorite, drinkable, amazing bottles of rosé. They're in no particular order, so pick one and enjoy the sunshine! Cheers to Summer Water!

1. Chateau Leoube Le Secret de Leoube Rose 2015; $30

2. Chateau Miraval Cotes De Provence; $22

3. Gerard Bertrand Gris Blanc Rose 2015; $14

4. Underwood Cellars Rose 2015; $13

5. J.L. Quinson Côtes de Provence Rosé; $8 @ Trader Joe's!

6. Les Portes de Bordeaux Rosé; $6 also @ Trader Joe's! 

7. Palissade Rose; $20

8. Château Vannières 2015 Bandol Rosé; $22

9. Coeur Clementine Cotes de Provence Rose; $16

10. 2014 Rive Sud Pinot Noir; $11


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