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Outfit Crisis : Tips for Surviving Summer in SF

Outfit Crisis : Tips for Surviving Summer in SF

Summer here is very different from the classic California Summer of Hollywood and dreaming tourists. Here, summer can mean stiflingly hot one day and freezing, windy and grey the next. I regularly get a good laugh watching tourists in flip flops, tanks and shorts clinging to a cable car and shivering as the fog rolls in. Here it can be summer at lunch and winter by evening. Depending on which neighborhood hood you're in, you may need to add or subtract several layers. More than any other time of year, summer in San Francisco is unpredictable. I have five basic tips for dressing to survive the horrible mock summer The City teases us with. Check them out below!

1. Pick and choose summer pieces

You probably can't get away with a sundress and sandals as your complete look. Throw in a leather jacket to add an urban edge, grab a scarf, and pair your dress with booties. Grab a bag big enough to throw it all in if you get hot. My fave way to incorporate summer into any outfit is with a good pair of flat sandals. I love metallic ones, embellished ones, or a good nude pair. I think they look cute with jeans and an oversized sweater or with a blouse and wool coat. Think about incorporating summer one item at a time. This will guarantee you don't freeze and will keep you looking and feeling seasonal. 

Accessories are also a great way to add a touch of summer to any outfit. A fun bag, and easy clutch, a cute pair of sunnies, or some cheeky flair can do the trick!

2. Bronzer

Whenever I'm feeling pale or dull, a quick dusting of bronzer is usually enough to lift my spirits. Since I gave up laying out a few years ago, I miss getting that natural (and bad for you) summer glow. Moisturizing with a product that contains some self tanner, and brushing some bronzer on your cheeks, temples and the bridge of your nose, can actually do wonders. 

Right now I'm obsessed with Nars and the Clinique Chubby Stick for cheeks.

3. Use summery hats to amp up a layered, warm outfit.

Bust out felt hats that you might normally wear in fall or winter. Pair a straw sunhat with a big comfy sweater. Layer, layer, layer, and then add a hat. If it warms up, your hat will fit right in. If it stays cold, your hat will keep your head warm! Win-win!

4. Distressed denim can be your BFF

I love a good pair of ripped up jeans. I'm morally aghast that they still aren't acceptable in my office. This time of year they work to add a touch of bohemian summer to a dreary day. I love flow-y summer tops, but they don't always layer well. Distressed denim, on the other hand, is great for showing some skin while still being covered. Throw on a silk blouse and blazer for a polished look. A half-tucked sweater for a California-cool vibe, or a preppy button down and puffer vest for City wanderings.

5. Have a margarita! Or a glass of rosé!

Just because the fog has rolled in thick and the wind is howling doesn't mean it's not summer--dammit! When in doubt, grab a glass that tastes like sunshine and happiness. Grab a sweater and blanket and enjoy it outside, on a patio or rooftop, and focus on how amazing The City is. Soon enough we'll be sweating in our sleep and ditching work for the beach. We're just waiting for September to roll around!

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