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Summer Packing List

Summer Packing List

summer must haves for vacations

Weekend trips are my faves. You get the adventure of a vacation without having to fork over big money, take time off work, or have to get on a long flight. San Francisco is perfectly situated for countless weekend adventures, and some of my favorite destinations are only a few hours drive away. Lake Tahoe, Mendocino, Santa Cruz, Napa, Sonoma, the Russian River and Lake Berryessa are just a few. San Francisco's dreary, cold, foggy summers make escaping for a few days and finding some sunshine that much more important. 

I tend to gravitate towards neutrals. Think white, grey, navy and black. I always try to bring pieces that are multi-purpose and can be worn for multiple activities. Before I shove everything in my bag, I lay it all out and have a final look, and reevaluate my selections. Do I need four t-shirts? Do I really need an extra pair of shoes? Can I survive with less? Bringing enough but not too little is an art, and takes time to perfect, but trust me! It's much less stressful to decide what to wear once you only have a couple choices!

Weekend Packing List:

  • Two bottoms (usually a pair of shorts and a pair of either white or dark denim)
  • Bathing suit (bikini for laying out and a comfy one piece for hot tubing)
  • Flat shoes for walking around (sneakers for hiking)
  • Heels for a night out (or boots/booties!)
  • Layer for warmth (sweater/sweatshirt/poncho/scarf)
  • 1 cute top for a night out
  • 2 tops for the day (plus something extra if you're planning on hiking or going to the beach)
  • Yoga pants for early breakfast/hiking/long car rides
  • A hat to keep your face out of the sun
  • Sunscreen
  • A dress that can be dressed up or down (just in case!)

I try super hard to pack everything into one weekender bag (even when I go on week-long trips because I hate checking luggage and dragging a gigantic bag through the airport). I ordered a bag from Sole Society and hated it. The zipper broke before I even left the house, so they let me return it. I wanted this one for ages, but after my first Sole Society bag disaster, I decided to check out other options. This Madewell bag is amazing, but after seeing it in person i was disappointed the bottom didn't hold it's shape. For $300 I want a bag that always looks good. If it's not super full it's pretty limp. After some research I decided on this simple, budget-friendly ASOS bag. The material feels fantastic, the zipper is smooth to pull, and the handles are sturdy and well placed. 

ASOS is quickly becoming my go-to for mid-priced trendy pieces. I've gotten a black, plunge neck and back one piece, a poncho/cape/sweater thing, and a cute make-up bag from them. I really want to try these jeans (but they never seem to have my size), and their dresses are super cute.

I recently tried Rent the Runway for the first time, and loved it! The ability to borrow special occasion pieces that you won't wear regularly is genius! I rented a Kate Spade necklace to wear to a wedding, and the process was fun, smooth and easy! There are tons of super cute, modern and timeless pieces (and a million cute dresses), and you simply specify your rental dates and reserve. The necklace showed up on time, and in a super cute velvet box. Shipping was simple with the provided pre-paid return envelope, and the app was easy to use.

 For $30 off your first order, try my link:

The most important items I pack are for sun protection. A few years ago my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer, and since then I've been prioritizing sun safety. Growing up, we always wore sunscreen, reapplied after swimming or being in the sun for a few hours, and were encouraged to sit in the shade. As a teen I loved laying out with my friends, and I still have a soft spot for the endorphin and vitamin D the sun provides. I'm trying to be better about wearing a hat, moving into the shade, and wearing plenty of sunscreen. Everyday, even when I'm just going to work and even if it's super overcast, I always wear sunscreen. My moisturizer is SPF 20, and my makeup is SPF 30. There are so many hats to choose from, but I always try to find one with a wide brim to cover not just my face but my shoulders too!

The Sun Bum sunscreen pictured above is my current fave, and it has a nice tropical scent. If you're looking for more info on mineral sunscreens and overall sun safety, I highly recommend checking out the Environmental Working Group's sunscreen guide. They're super good at explaining what chemicals are bad and why, and I like their rating system. Sun Bum is has a good rating, and isn't too expensive. I was surprised to learn that Neutrogena has pretty terrible ratings! Who knew!?

I can't wait to continue my summer adventures! I think a trip to the Russian River is up next, since my boyfriend and I have been raving about it to all of our friends.

What do you pack for a weekend adventure? Where are some of you favorite places to go? Let me know in the comments!

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