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Adulting : Focus, Challenges and The Real World

Adulting : Focus, Challenges and The Real World

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Lately I feel like I don't stop moving. I can't believe it's June already. I can't believe that on of my best friend's weddings has totally snuck up on me. I'm confused and bewildered by how fast time is starting to move. Where did spring go? Wasn't it just Christmas? June felt so far off--but now it's here!

I've been traveling on the weekends, putting in more time at the office, seeing friends for drinks and dinner and just to say hi, sitting in the sun, eating amazing food, drinking good wine, and time has been throttling forward. Basically, the endless options of life are taking their toll on me. 

I apologize for not blogging more. I'm working on some lengthier pieces that take time. I've spent the last few months figuring out what I want Limitless to become, and how to get it there. I've been searching for inspiration--and often finding it in the beautiful banality of everyday life. I want everything that I post here to be full of passion and love. I want to keep sharing my San Francisco with you. And I will. I promise. 

Lately I've found it challenging to sit down and focus. I've found it difficult to focus on the blog, but I've also had a hard time focusing at work. I guess, all told, it's just part of being an adult. You get pulled in more and more directions, and are just expected to figure it out. So, that's what I'm doing. That's what I'm working on. Blog-wise I'm trying to start and stick to an editorial calendar, but since this whole experience is supposed to be generally fun, I'm not planning on being strict with myself. I want this to be a creative outlet, and creative outlets shouldn't come with added stress.

I've been spending my time exploring more of this amazing city, and I'm perfectly okay with that! I've tried some new (and new to me) place to eat and drink, I've worked on my container garden and on updating my little patio. I've sat on the roof with a glass of rose. I've been living, and I can't wait to share it all with you!

Happy Summer! Cheers!

June Gloom

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