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First 6 Months of Blogging : Recap

First 6 Months of Blogging : Recap

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Limitless : San Francisco has now been live for six whole months! It's hard to believe that something that was cooking so long in the back of my mind has been out in the world for half a year. I've learned and grown a lot over the past six months, and I want to share the good, the bad, what I've learned, and what my goals are for the next six months. I periodically want to write blog-centric pieces because as a new blogger these are sometimes the most educational and insightful pieces I come across. Know that other people are in the same boat as you, and that everyone started from square one is IMPORTANT! I've included some of my favorite shots recently, so bare with me and find inspiration in them. :)

So, to keep everything moving, here goes :

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The Good : I really like blogging. Starting out, I wasn't sure. I chose to go with a hosting site that costs money, Squarespace, because I wanted to force myself to commit. I didn't want to half ass this. I didn't want to let myself give up without trying. Luckily, I'm in a financial position where I can fork out some money on the spot. So far, it's been an awesome decision. The money was an experiment and an investment, and I wouldn't change anything. Squarespace is awesome, the customer service is fantastic, and the clean layout choices make my site look and feel professional--even if it's just a baby. 

I'm really glad, thankful and excited that I've managed to create a much needed creative outlet for myself and for my photography. I've also kept at it better than I initially thought I would, which I'm proud of. 

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The Bad : Sometimes I'm not in the mood to blog. It was my initial goal to post as often as possible, usually 3-4 times per week. I've mostly stuck to it, but some weeks I'm just not that into it. If I'm swamped at work, or if my personal life is really full or stressful, I'll post less often, and I'm okay with that! I don't blog full time, I have an awesome boyfriend, I live in a great city I have a pretty cool full-time adult job, and sometimes I don't want to sit at the computer and write. I don't want to do research. I want time to myself or to spend with my loved ones. And--I'm okay with that!

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What I've Learned : When you don't know what to write (or blog), just write something. This is an old adage that I learned in journalism school. The idea is that if you're stuck, or in a creative rut, that if you just write something you'll trigger a creative flow. I've found that for my blog this is particularly true. I'll spend time each day reading through my favorite sites, and if I'm still not inspired, I'll just set out to write what comes to mind. 9/10 times, I end up with some good content. 

I've learned that it's all about not blocking yourself, and being open to letting new ideas and fresh thoughts come to you!

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Goals : In the next six months I want to increase readership, monthly unique views, and post more photo tours of my favorite SF places. I want to keep at it, and grow the blog. I want to partner with other SF bloggers and write guest posts. I want to create content that points back to my blog. I'd love the opportunity to partner with a brand or a store or a place and do a post. I'd love to get paid. I know that some of these goals aren't likely attainable within your first year of blogging, and that's okay too. I've chosen not to populate the site with annoying banner ads or pay-for-click options. Instead, I'm waiting for the right opportunity to arise. And again, I'm okay with it!

Are you a blogger? What did you learn in your first six months? When did you feel your blog really start to grown? 

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