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First Day of Spring : 2016

First Day of Spring : 2016

Happy Spring everyone! In the Bay Area we had tons of much-needed rain this winter, but it made for what seemed like an extra long and extra dreary season. Maybe I'm just spoiled after four years of bright, warm, sunny drought, but it seriously felt like it wouldn't end. Hopefully, the state and the West got most of the rain we needed, and the snow doesn't melt too fast. From all my warm weather-themed Outfit Crisis posts I'm sure it's obvious, but I've been craving some sunshine, and I'm happy to finally welcome a new season. But, before sunshine, bright blooms, shorts and tasty drinks totally take over my life I wanted to recap winter and share some highlights!

December 2015 : Christmas trees, pretty skies and yummy things

I spent December getting into a cozy, mellow holiday spirit. I love how all the twinkle lights really help brighten up this time of year, and I love how the holidays bring everyone together. Staying in The City is one of my favorite ways to spend Christmas. Everywhere is deserted, all of our roommates leave, and everything is quiet. It's fun to just have a couple friends over (especially since there are only a few of us left by December 23rd!) and drink festive cocktails. I love the serenity The City takes on, and I love how it always reminds me of a snow globe scene--minus the snow of course!

yellow house
christmas apartment
christmas decor
chrismas morning
winter ootd

January : A fresh start

The new year brought plenty of renewal and a fresh sense of priority to my life. I stepped up my blogging, took on new projects at work and focused on manifesting positive changes for the year ahead. I had to try, but I was able to find tons of inspiration throughout the month. I usually feel pretty unmotivated during the winter, and I struggle to get myself out of bed when it's dark and cold. I think hibernating all winter would be amazing, but since that's not possible I tried to make the most of it. I completed some projects around the house, including a new gallery wall! I also spent plenty of time cuddled on the couch watching movies and eating warm, yummy food. 

chinatown views
ootd winter rainy day
city hall dome sf
pretty wisteria house sf
mission mission sf
yellow house

February : Old friends, sunshine and City wanderings

One of my oldest and favorite friends came for a short visit Valentine's Day weekend. Even though we hadn't seen each other in ages, we still had a great time. Since it was the first moderately warm and mostly sunny weekend we'd had in a while, we wandered around the Misison, hung out in Dolores Park and then wandered up to Lower Haight for drinks and snacks. Finally, February seemed like the month when I got back in the swing of things! The days weren't as dark and there were some warm sunny ones, and I got a jump start on my container garden. My boyfriend and I also got serious about exploring SF neighborhoods that we hadn't spent much time in and discovered some awesome places!

palm tree love sf
valentine's day outfit ootd
little cute house little hippy bus
blue sky white city
read in bed lazy sunday morning
hello kitty car

March : El Nino storms + travel plans

All the cold, dreary, rainy weather made me crave sunshine and adventure. I booked two trips to San Diego (one for my good friend's bachelorette weekend and another long weekend to hang out with my family) and a trip up north to Gualala (more on that soon!)). The trees are blooming, the grass is green and even the streets seem cleaner. Maybe El Nino has been working its magic?!

Green green rocky road
rainy ootd inspo
pyramid florals
create your own beauty street art
the Mill sf
north beach rain
coffee and cake
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