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City Bedroom REFRESH : Progress

City Bedroom REFRESH : Progress

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El Nino has been in full swing for the last week, and I've been busy working on my City bedroom refresh! One of the main challenges for my bedroom is that it needs to function as both bedroom and home office for my boyfriend. To make things worse, we don't have a closet in our room, and we have a decorative fireplace. Together, these challenges make placing furniture difficult, and creating open space seem impossible. 

So far, we've switched where my dresser and our Ikea Expedit were on either side of the fireplace, and decluttered the room. For now, I've moved my Sapien Bookshelf into our living room, and paired down the accessories and decor. Since both of us have been sick recently, over the weekend we laundered ALL of the bedding, vacuumed, dusted and cleaned everything! Right now the room is feeling really fresh, but I'm not done yet! 

I'm obsessed with how the natural light from the windows makes my vintage dresser glow! I worked really hard stripping green paint of her, and before, with the dresser tucked away next to the wardrobe I didn't get to fully enjoy all my hard work. Now, I can see all the rustic details, character of the oak, and pretty classic curves right from our bed. Initially, I was worried about the Expedit looking crowded next to the wardrobe, but I'm really liking it! In the past, we've tried putting the two PAX wardrobes on either side of the fire place, but found they made the room feel crowded and seemed to 'loom' in the dark. Also, we both have clothes in each, getting dressed was inconvenient. Right now, they're blocking a set of soundproofed + sealed doors into the next room, and I think they help block out even more sound. THANKFULLY.

I'm happy with the dark PAX wardrobes again. I seem to go back and forth--constantly wondering if I should have gotten the white and worrying the dark is too dark for our room. Right now, I think the black/espresso pops nicely with all the neutral whites in the room. I really want to get a new throw for our bed, but since my mom makes amazing quilts, it's hard for me to justify buying a blanket of any kind. A new decorative pillow might also be on the horizon. :) We'll see. 

If you're curious, I can link to some sources. Most of my pieces are either vintage or college leftovers from World Market or Ikea. The bedding. rug, and lamps are from West Elm. 

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