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5 Reasons to Live With Roommates

5 Reasons to Live With Roommates

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In San Francisco, rent prices are insane. They've been insane for a while now, and show no sign of restraining themselves anytime soon. Since this is a city-wide problem, most people I know here live with roommates. My boyfriend and I have three roommates--all boys--in a four bedroom flat. While we'd love to have our own place, we don't want to fork over $3,000-$4,000 per month for a one bedroom. Our apartment is spacious, located within walking distance to my office and to three awesome neighborhoods, has a big kitchen with dishwasher and a washer and dryer, a shared patio and an accessible roof. AND--the rent is reasonable.

Basically, we can never leave, and right now I'm okay with it. Since so many people are in the same position as we are, I've come up with five reasons to remind everyone why living with roommates isn't the absolute worst.

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1. It's all about the money, money, money...

Divide everything you spend by three, or four, or five. Feel better now? Me too.

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2. Pooled resources = less cost = more $$$ in your pocket (still about the money...)

Again, money. Sorry, but it's true! We get to have internet plus every premium channel and sports package out there since we split it. Splitting bills makes all the difference. If you're only paying 1/5 of the monthly bills, think how much more cash you'll have! 

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3. There's always someone to watch Game of Thrones with!

Or the Warriors! Or a movie! Or, you luck out and everyone is gone and you get to watch whatever you want--no questions asked.

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4. The garbage only has to go out once a month!

And, in an ideal world, chores and household costs would be split, but you'd still get to enjoy having a clean house--but only exert part of the effort!

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5. There's always someone to split a bottle of wine with.

San Francisco can be a lonely place, and the fact that it's so darn expensive here means going out isn't something everyone can do all the time. If you're rooming with friends or strangers, chances are they won't say no to a glass or three on a Wednesday night, all from the comfort of your couch!

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