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City Bedroom REFRESH : Fresh, Neutral + fit for two

City Bedroom REFRESH : Fresh, Neutral + fit for two

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Lately I've been seriously craving a bedroom refresh. My boyfriend has lived in our flat for more than five years, but we've only been in our room about two. We have a mix of pieces--everything from street finds and Ikea to a DWR Sapien bookshelf I just had to buy a couple years ago. A few months ago I took the time to re-style our Ikea Expedit shelf, and it cured my need to start fresh for a while, but lately I can't take it anymore!

Right now, we have a mix of dark wood furniture and natural wood. One of my favorite street finds of all time is a pair of vintage dining chairs, one of which is currently being used as a desk chair. There's a vintage dresser I completely made over (which was featured on Apartment Therapy), and a gigantic Ikea Pax wardrobe. Our room doesn't have a closet, and is connected to the next bedroom with a set of doors that are currently sealed and soundproofed. Eventually, I'd love to be able to take over the connecting room, and have a giant bedroom/separate living space apart from the rest of the house, but right now one of our roommates lives there. 


Our bedroom presents several challenges.

1) My boyfriend is a graphic illustrator who works from home, and we need to have a desk in our room. Additionally, he works from a huge iMac, has + needs two monitors, and has tons of art related books.

2) Our lack of closet space--we literally don't have a closet--means that our huge Ikea Pax wardrobes have to stay. I constantly wonder if I should have chosen white ones, but when I initially went to Ikea to check out closet options, I thought the white wardrobes looked cheap. I also hate that sometimes Ikea white isn't a true white. We've had the wardrobes for two years now, and I am really happy with the quality, functionality and sturdiness of them. 

3) Our room, in its glory days, was the formal parlor, and has a fireplace. Unfortunately, when our apartment was remodeled the original mantel was lost and tiled over. It could be worse, but it's still not my favorite. Arranging furniture around it isn't easy. Also, since the house is nearly 100 years old, the floors are slanted. This makes hanging art difficult and getting furniture to sit evenly a challenge.

4) Functionality and personality. Our room has to function for a couple, while holding all of our stuff, giving my boyfriend a place to work from home, and meshing with both of our styles.

Even though I sometimes get a serious craving to clear everything out and start over, I'm trying to restrain myself. Boyfriend would not let that fly. Instead, I'm trying to re-arrange and work with the big pieces we have. I want to make it work, while adding a few new accessories and reorganizing so everything works better. I've been gathering inspiration on Pinterest, and I've seemed to settle on a black, white, and neutral look with a little boho and organic modern mixed in. 

How do you update a space without completely throwing in the towel? Where is your go-to source of inspiration?

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