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Best Pizza in SF

Best Pizza in SF

pizza pizza

Pizza is something I can eat almost any day. And then have leftovers for breakfast. And bring a slice for lunch. And... maybe I have a pizza problem? But, not just any pizza does it for me anymore. Living in SF, and being surrounded be some of the best food on planet Earth, means that I have (sometimes unreasonably) high food (or foodie--shudder!) expectations. And, it doesn't help that I'm blessed with a gourmet chef as a boyfriend. Lately we've been making pizza at home, completely from scratch, but SF is a city full of great pizza. Below, I've picked some of my favorite pizza places, and a couple I've been meaning to try. 

tonys pizza is amazing

Tony's Pizza Napoletana (and slicery!)

Located in the heart of North Beach, San Francisco's old Italian neighborhood, Tony's Pizza serves up some of the best, and most unique, pizza in The City. They've  imported a wood-burning oven from Naples, and use it to craft perfectly crisp pizza creations. Their classic margherita pizza sells out regularly, and the Cal Italia (sporting figs, prosciutto and cooked in 700 degree oven) shouldn't be missed. Coal fired at 1,000 degrees, the New York won a gold medal in Las Vegas in 2013. The Cesar salad is amazing, and the pasta is tasty.

Tip : this place is usually packed! They don't take reservations, and won't seat you if your party isn't all present. Plan ahead, and drop someone off to put your name in before you park. If you're smart and didn't drive to North Beach (which is one of the worst neighborhoods to find parking in), give the host your name and number and head next door for a drink. If it's nice, Washington Square Park is a nice place to wait. If you're in a rush, or have some starving people in your party, the Slice House next door has a yummy meatball sub, a good selection of pizza, and plenty of parklet seating. 

Mythic Pizza

If you're out drinking in Lower Haight when the bars close, head to Mythic and grab a slice on your way home! I lived up the street from here for a couple years, and never got sick of their pizza. One of my friends who lives outside The City still can't stop talking about the pesto pizza here. It's that good. 

Tip : At the end of the night they sell out, so order a whole pizza and have it delivered before you go out! That way, when you get home there will be yummy pizza leftovers waiting for you!

za pizza

Za Pizza

On charming Hyde Street, at the top of Russian Hill, you'll find Za Pizza. Favored by locals and tourists alike, this small, family friendly restaurant has a good size menu of pizzas, and a few rotating slice options. They make a really, really good thin crust pizza, and the pepperoni is a solid choice. I like to sit at the bar, grab a slice (or two!), have an Anchor Steam, and watch the game. My boyfriend and I will split a salad, which are huge, and get a few slices to share. Za delivers in the neighborhood.

Tip : After you've stuffed yourself with pizza, walk up the block for some ice cream at Swensen's! A City favorite, and an institution since 1948.

Pauline's Pizza

This Valencia Street stronghold is really good. I'd been wanting to eat here forever, and finally made it a few weeks ago! The crust is thin and crispy, and the toppings are organic and fresh. Pauline's has two certified organic farms that supply the veggies and herbs, and a ranch that supplies most of the meats. Inside the restaurant is friendly, and has more of a traditional feel than many of Mission eateries. All around a good choice.

Piccolo Forno

This new pizza and pasta place on Columbus is great for casual slices. You could order whole pizzas or pasta dishes, or do what we did and get a couple different slices to share! The prices are reasonable, and the service is super friendly.

best pizza in san francisco

Il Cesario Pizzeria & Mozzarella Bar

The cheese here is ah-may-zing! They have a round pizza oven that gets the thin crust perfectly light and crispy, but the cheese really sets this place apart! Located on busy Columbus Avenue, and a convenient walk up from the Financial District, Il Cesario is a casual, well priced pizza. I'm always trying new pizzas here, and since they're pretty small they're perfect for sharing! We get a couple (or more with friends!) and pass them around.

Tip : Try the spicy red peppers they have! They're in oil, and take the pizza up a level. The spicy pairs well with all the cheesy goodness!

Want to try: All Good Pizza

Neapolitan Pizza + Beer + Outdoor Seating + Sunshine = HAPPINESS

Everytime I'm in the Bayview, most likely eating something yummy or visiting Flora Grubb, I always want to stop here! The Yelp reviews sound awesome, and what's not to like about sitting outside and eating some awesome pizza?

Want to try : Gioia Pizzeria

On buys Polk Street, you'll find this cute, modern pizzeria. The New York-style pizzas and slices here make even East Coasters happy, and the atmosphere is great for a date. They've also got to-go options--perfect for a movie night!

Where do you go when you've got a pizza craving? Let me know!

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