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2017 : New Year's Resolutions and Intentions

2017 : New Year's Resolutions and Intentions

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Happy 2017! I try to set intentions and follow through on goals throughout the year, but I've been doing great on some intentions/goals from 2016 and wanted to share some fresh new ones for 2017. Cheers to good coffee, getting more bendy, and traveling more!

Health + Wellness

I started taking classes at Pop Physique on Polk back in August, and I love it. I love going, and how I feel after I go, and I love seeing my body change. I have muscles I didn't even know about, my clothes all fit better, and I love not thinking about anything but my body and what it's doing for an entire hour. In 2017 I want to continue taking classes, increase my flexibility, and be able to stay in triceps and thigh work without taking a break every single class.


I want to get out of The City more. My boyfriend and I have dubbed 2017 The Year of the Island, and we already have two big trips planned. In January we're going to Oahu and Maui, and in August we're jetting off to Thailand!  We've got a couple of little trips in the works up to wine country and down to SoCal, but I'd love to be able to squeeze a Europe trip in at the end of the year. I've never been, and I'm dying to go.


I want to prioritize saving in order to spend it on traveling. I'm already a solid monthly saver (I have a re-occurring auto transfer into my savings account that happens monthly, and another that happens weekly), but I want to save with a purpose. I want to choose to not buy that cute dress because I'd rather get a massage in Thailand. Or those shoes. Or that bag. I want to get better at resisting. And saving for a purpose. But mostly resisting.


I want to find the perfect side table (with plenty of storage) to replace a set of drawers that currently live in our living room. I'd love to DIY some sort of vance for the windows. I want to continue growing plants on the patio because they brighten my day. I want to research a Roomba or one of the little knock offs and see if it would work for our large expanse of hardwood floors. I'd ideally like it to not fall down the stairs or get stuck where the kitchen and living room meet and the floor awkwardly changes materials. I want to continue to cultivate an environment at home that is calm and happy. 

Limitless : San Francisco

Grow little blog, grow! In 2017 I want to make more of an effort to carry my Nikon around with me. I'm getting better at it, but there's room for improvement. I'm constantly exploring SF, and it's super important to me, and for my blog, for me to document my adventures. I also want to increase the volume of content I'm creating. This can be difficult since I work full time and only blog in my free time, but we'll see!

Happy 2017!



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