Things I'm Thankful For

I’m Thankful for so many things and people and places, but mostly I keep that list wrapped up close to my heart. While practicing gratitude is trendy, I’m inspired by the old school elementary activities. The ones squeezed in at the end of November to fill time before the Thanksgiving holiday. The kind of school day full of art projects and sweets. Bonus points for anything involving glue, glitter and feathers. In that spirit, I want to share what I’m thankful for, and I want to cover it in glitter and hang it on the fridge. Instead, this will have to do.

Weekend Escape : Seattle

To combat SF's freezing, foggy summer, we escaped up to sunny Seattle for a weekend. We spent the long summer days wandering the city and catching up with old friends. Great food, sunshine and tasty drinks filled our days. It was so nice to get out of the fog and be reminded that real, actual summer exists. Just not in San Francisco.

Scribe Winery

Scribe Winery might just be the most Instagrammed winery in Sonoma--and for a good reason. The aesthetic is a perfect mix of California cool and vintage. The $60/person tasting comes with a seasonal multi-course lunch of locally or on-site grown produce and ethically-raised meat. The views are stunning. Even the bathroom is the perfect chippy shade of Millennial Pink.

What I Learned in College : Musings Part 2

There's something about being young that seems to compress life's major ups and downs into impossibly short bursts of time and emotion. You wake up feeling like life is full of love and potential only to be crushed by the heaviness of it all by lunch. By dinner you're bursting with energy and craving adventure.